The Government of India had signed UNCRPD and enacted Rights of Persons with Disability Act 2016 that recognizes that persons with disability are entitled to equal opportunities & rights to participate in the political, social, and economic and self-development activities in all walks of life. The right to education focuses on the need to have inclusive education, which means that educating students with learning difficulties and identified disabilities have the right to fulfilment Sof their educational needs.




The college aims at making education and other services accessible to all stakeholders, to provide inclusive environment to all. The college in line with the government guidelines is committed to provide additional support to make Divyangjan equitable and independent. College will take necessary measures to make infrastructure and programmes accessible to all without distinction, providing special measures for those who fall under the category of Divyangjan.




  • To ensure that students with disabilities get equal opportunities to explore their educational potentials.
  • To provide a nurturing and motivating environment for students with learning disabilities to accommodate their pedagogic needs.
  • To eradicate any kind of stigmatization and segregation so that they can become confident individuals.
  • The infrastructural facilities at our college are Divyangjan friendly to make the learning environment more convenient for the differently-abled students.




  • Wide Entrance for easy and proximate entry and exit.
  • Ramp facility is available on the campus.
  • Physical facility like wheelchair and walker is available for physically challenged persons.
  • College office for stipend and scholarship etc is on the ground floor to ensure easy accessibility.
  • Disabled friendly washrooms.
  • The library of the college is on the ground floor and has Braille books.
  • The College Principal assigns duties & responsibilities to teaching and non-teaching staff to resolve the difficulties faced by Divyang students.
  • The Office Superintendent provides all the college services to the students with disability on preferential basis without any queue.
  • The Exam Committee Coordinator provides scribe or extra time during the exam if required.
  • The College provides career counselling session to guide and motivate divyang students.
  • Provisions for reservation of seats during admission are maintained as per government rules
  • The college has pathways which are wide and divyangjan friendly.
  • The college canteen is also on the ground floor and barrier free.