English Language LabGMSM Mahavidyalaya has a Digital English Language Laboratory with licensed software from Orell Technology. The Language laboratory has 10 consoles for students and 1 for the admin. Students from all departments can enroll in the laboratory for improving their English language skills. Add on courses in spoken English use the Language Laboratory.

Communication involves one’s ability to listen carefully so as to comprehend the meaning and to respond in turn with appropriate words and clarity in pronunciation. The four essential skills needed for acquiring communicative proficiency in any language are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW). Though these skills are intrinsically linked, they must all be mastered in its order of learning, LSRW- an order that we unconsciously adopt while learning our mother tongue and obtaining fluency in that language, however for students taught in the vernacular medium in rural areas fluency in English is a major impediment. Digital English Language Laboratory is a unique solution to resolve these problems which teachers and students encounter in the conventional classroom with chalk and talk setting.

Orell Digital Language Lab is a state-of-the-art offline language learning solution that delivers optimal results and adds value for educators, students and this interactive and cost-effective language learning platform is simple to use. It makes learning to communicate effectively a "pleasure" for the student. The software is not only user-friendly and interactive but is also preloaded with over English study materials and exercises.