Seminars and workshops are extremely significant for a Higher Education Institute. Seminars, workshops, and presentations both offline and online are extremely beneficial to faculty and students since they enable them to evaluate, stay up to date on current events, comprehend concepts, and build their network. GMSM Mahavidyalaya organizes such seminars and workshops to -

  • Create New Ideas
  • Encourage Discussion
  • Get a New Perspective
  • Enhance Your Abilities
  • Networking
  • Scope For Exploration
  • Development of Cognitive Skills

GMSM Mahavidyalaya started organising webinars from 2020 during the Covid Pandemic to combine traditional classroom teaching with online learning. With the introduction of the National Education Policy, blended education is gaining traction with several advantages, including the ability to provide personalised learning opportunities, increased flexibility, and access to a wider range of learning resources.

Our college recognizes the potential of blended education and recommends the use of technology to enhance the learning experience. The college policy emphasises the importance of digital infrastructure to support blended education. Read More....