The Academic Calendar of the college is a planned document for the faculty members, students, staff and other stakeholders. It includes a complete schedule of commencement of classes, internal evaluation, tentative examination schedule, etc.The Academic Calendar is a source of information and planner for the students, faculty members, support staff, administration and management. The Academic Committee and the IQAC of the College prepares the Academic Calendar by considering the prescribed guidelines of University of Calcutta.

Preparation of Academic Calendar begins before the commencement of academic session. The coordinators take into consideration the feedback from students, teachers, alumni, parents and other stakeholders while preparing the Academic calendar. It is placed to the Governing Body through IQAC Cell for final approval. The Academic Calendar is displayed on College Notice Board, Website and prospectus.



Academic Calendar 2022-23

Academic Calendar 2021-22

Academic Calendar 2020-21

Academic Calendar 2019-20

Academic Calendar 2018-19