The Electoral Literacy Club of Gour Mohan Sachin Mandal Mahavidyalaya was formed on 3rd March, 2023 by the Department of Political Science. The club is an inclusive platform to engage college students through interesting hands-on experience to sensitize them on their electoral rights and familiarize them with the electoral process of registration and voting.




  1. To educate the targeted populations about voter registration, electoral processes and related matters through hands on experience and activities.
  2. To facilitate EVM and VVPAT familiarization and education about the robustness of EVM as well as the integrity of the electoral process using EVMs
  3. To help the target audience understand the value if their vote and and exercise the right to franchise in a confident, comfortable and ethical manner.
  4. To facilitate voter registration for its eligible members who are not yet registered.




A total of 40 students have joined the club as members and have actively participated in meetings and discussions, since its inception. All members have been registered as voters.




Kazi Abu Zaved, the Head of the Department and faculty member Chiranjit Baidya are the two Nodal officers for the Electoral Literacy Club. They act as mentors and promote and supervise the enrolment, election and formation of the Executive Committee of club.


The Executive Committee is an elected body from amongst the club member students with elected representatives from each class. There are a total of 10 students who have been elected to form the Executive Committee for the session 2023 -2024. Rakesh Haldar, a sixth semester student and Rahul Haldar, a fourth semester student have been elected as Chairman and Vice – Chairman of the Executive Committee from amongst the elected representatives.


The Executive Committee under the guidance, consultation and supervision of the Nodal Officers will be responsible for organizing the activities of the ELC. The elected body shall endeavour to generate the culture of electoral participation amongst the members.




  • Electoral Literacy Awareness Program for Students was organized by the club on 15/03/2023. The Block Development Officer of Mandirbazar and the Joint Block Development Officer was present where students were sensitized about the need to vote and also a tutorial was given to operate the voting machine. 


  • Poster Campaign with the theme –“Your vote matters”


 On 21st March, 2023, a poster campaign and awareness programme was organised by the Electoral Literacy Club of the Department of Political Science with the aim of sensitising the college students on the significance of casting their vote in an informed and ethical manner. The campaign also aimed to create awareness about the electoral process and the dates of registering oneself as a new voter, both online and offline.  The prime motive behind this initiative was to encourage the youth and the soon to be voters to exercise their right to franchise and become a part of the glorious electorate of our nation. Many student members of the Electoral Literacy Club participated in the poster campaign based on the theme.