• Holiday Notice on account of Eid    16/06/2024details
  • B.A/B.Sc./B.Com Semester-VI and Part-III (1+1+1 System) Exam Form Submission Notice    16/06/2024details
  • SEM II (CCF) ADMISSION FORM SUBMISSION    14/06/2024details
  • Sem VI and Part III Exam Form fillup extension notice    14/06/2024details
  • B.A./ B.Sc./ B.Com Semester-IV Internal Examination Rescheduled    09/06/2024details
  • Class Start Notice    06/06/2024details
  • PART III ALL BA AND BSC CHECKLIST    30/05/2024details
  • PART III BCOM CHECKLIST    30/05/2024details
  • SEM VI ALL BA AND BSC CHECKLIST    30/05/2024details
  • SEM VI ALL BCOM CHECKLIST    30/05/2024details
  • Admission Notice for a free six-month certificate course in Garment Manufacturing from West Bengal State Council for Vocational Education and Training    28/05/2024details
  • Routine for Semester-IV IN    28/05/2024details
  • 6th Sem and Part III (old) Form Fill up Notice    27/05/2024details
  • CU REVIEW NOTICE FOR SEM III    15/05/2024details
  • SEM II CCF 2ND PHASE ADMISSION NOTICE    15/05/2024details
  • Routine for Semester-VI Internal Assessment 2024    08/05/2024details
  • Zoology Practical Examination ccf    07/05/2024details
  • Holiday on account of Rabindra Jayanti    07/05/2024details
  • Notice for CVAC Subject Selection    06/05/2024details
  • Add on Course: Basic concepts about nutrition and food science    06/05/2024details
  • ADD ON COURSE ON "Introduction to Mobile Journalism (MoJo) & New Media "    04/05/2024details
  • Notice for Food and Nutrition Practical Examination, B.Sc. Semester-1 (CCF)    03/05/2024details
  • Admission Semester II (CCF)    03/05/2024details
  • Library New Card and Renewal Notice    18/04/2024details
  • 4TH AND 6TH SEM CLASS START NOTICE    15/04/2024details
  • HOLIDAY NOTICE    15/04/2024details
  • SEM II ADMISSION NOTICE    15/04/2024details
  • SEM V MARKSHEET DISTRIBUTION    15/04/2024details
  • SEM V REVIEW/RTI NOTICE    05/04/2024details
  • Semester IV Admission Notice    02/04/2024details
  • Semester II Admission Notice    02/04/2024details
  • Very Important Notice regarding CCF Semester -1 Examination.    01/04/2024details
  • Admit Card for CCF Semester I 2023-24 (B.A HONOURS) MALE AND FEMALE    28/03/2024details
  • Admit Card for CCF Semester I 2023-24 (B.A General) Female    28/03/2024details
  • Admit Card for CCF Semester I 2023-24 (B.A. GENERAL) MALE    28/03/2024details
  • Admit Card for CCF Semester I 2023-24 (B.COM HONS AND GEN)    28/03/2024details
  • Admit Card for CCF Semester I 2023-24 (B.SC HONS AND GEN)    28/03/2024details
  • YouTube link of International webinar organized by Chemistry Department    27/03/2024details
  • One day International webinar organized by Dept. of Chemistry    27/03/2024details
  • Eye Check Up Camp on 23/3/2024 from 11.30 am organized by NSS unit    23/03/2024details
  • 4TH SEM ADMISSION NOTICE (2023-24)    22/03/2024details
  • International Webinar to commemorate International Mother Language Day organized by Department of Bengali    21/03/2024details
  • Poster Campaign and Awareness Program by the Electoral Literacy Club    19/03/2024details
  • Women's Day celebration notice    16/03/2024details
  • 1ST SEM (CCF) 2023 FORM FILLUP EXTENSION NOTICE    16/03/2024details
  • CEMG-Sem 3 practical exam on 19.03.2024    12/03/2024details
  • NSS Special Camp Notice    12/03/2024details
  • Sem I (CCF) 2023-24 Registration Certificate Distribution Notice    12/03/2024details
  • 4TH SEM ADMISSION NOTICE DATED 11/03/2024    11/03/2024details
  • 6TH SEM ADMISSION NOTICE DATED 09-03-2024    09/03/2024details
  • 1ST SEM (CCF) FORM FILLUP NOTICE DATED - 06/03/2024    06/03/2024details
  • Admit Card for B.A and B.SC Semester 1 (2023-24)    04/03/2024details
  • 6th Sem Admission Form Submission Notice Dated 04/03/2024    04/03/2024details
  • Notice for Semester 1 Environmental Science IDC Practical Examination, 2023    24/02/2024details
  • Semester-VI (2024) Internal Assessment Routine   08/05/2024details
  • CVAC Subject selection for Semester-2   06/05/2024details
  • SAHACHARI- Psychological and Legal Counselling Cell for Women   21/03/2024details

TIC's Message

As the Teacher in Charge of the college, on behalf of the GMSMM family, I extend my heartiest greetings to the founding Principal, land donor families, members of the college Governing Body, parents, teachers, students and all other stakeholders of the college.

Gour Mohan Sachin Mandal Mahavidyalaya established in 1968 located in a rural marginal area with a majority of socio economically deprived student community, perceives education and the process of educating as a total integral contextual process. The college strives towards offering quality and equitable education to many at affordable costs. Inspired by the saying of Einstein, the college is constantly endeavouring towards providing quality conditions of learning at minimal costs to promote holistic development of its students for it believes that there are two forms of education-one which teaches us how to make a living and the other and the most important mantra of how to live. We aspire to be recognized as a pioneering institution that not only imparts high-quality education but also fosters a spirit of empowerment, capacity-building, inclusivity and innovation. Our vision is to see our graduates emerge as leaders, catalysts for positive change, and champions of social equity, shaping a brighter and more equitable future for themselves and the country.