Community engagement and outreach are essential components of higher education that can help institutions fulfil their civic responsibility, build stronger communities, enhance learning and research opportunities, increase institutional visibility and reputation, and encourage diversity and inclusion. By engaging with their surrounding communities, GMSM Mahavidyalaya aims to create a stronger and more sustainable future for all.

The college defines engagement 

as reciprocal collaborations with local, regional, national and global communities for the purpose of a mutually-beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources. College-community partnerships enrich scholarship, research and creative activity; enhance curriculum, teaching and learning; prepare educated, engaged citizens; strengthen democratic values and civic responsibility; address critical societal issues; and contribute to the public good by effecting positive change in the civic and cultural life of our communities.

The college is passionately working on various projects to establish community engagement as its institutional practice and to fulfill its social responsibility towards the larger society by bringing transformational changes in rural development and to create a synergy between a higher educational institution and few remote villages of India. 

Higher education institutions have long been viewed as centres of learning, research, and innovation. However, the role of these institutions in their surrounding communities is just as important.

Community engagement and outreach can help build stronger and more resilient communities by providing resources, support, and education to community members. Community engagement and outreach programs can also enhance the learning and research opportunities for students and faculty members. These programs can provide opportunities for service learning, experiential learning, and collaborative research, allowing students and faculty to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world problems.

By engaging with their surrounding communities, higher education institutions can increase their visibility and reputation. This encourage diversity and inclusion by reaching out to underserved populations and providing them with educational opportunities and support. This can help promote equity and access in higher education and the broader community.  

The college engages in the following activities for community engagement-

  • Bireswrapur Post Office is situated within the college campus. This is of great help to the neighbouring villages where a Post Office has become accessible for all.
  • An auxiliary unit of the Block Health Centre is being constructed within the college campus. For this purpose, the college has donated land. The Health Centre will serve both the students, staff as well as the local community.
  • The college has three adopted villages – Bireswarpur, Khelarampur and Madhabpur for NSS activities. Regular health awareness camps, awareness about conserving water resources   plantations, surveys are conducted in these villages
  • The college served as a Quarantine Centre for migrant labourers during the Covid Pandemic.
  • Surveys are conducted by the college to evaluate the success of MID Day Meal programs in neighbouring villages.
  • The college participates in national surveys conducted by C-Drasta on environmental awareness.
  • The college conducts socio economic surveys in neighbouring villages and prepares reports as part of experiential learning.
  • The Dept of Environment Science and Environ club organises awareness rallies for water conservation in neighbouring villages.
  • Periodic cleanliness drives are organised in the adjoining railway stations by NSS.
  • Periodic dengue and malaria awareness camps.
  • Aids and Thalassemia Awareness camps
  • Safe Drive, Save Life Rallies in the nearby market areas.
  • Sharing of clean drinking water and water bodies with local villagers.