TIC PhotoAs the Teacher in Charge of the college, on behalf of the GMSMM family, I extend my heartiest greetings to the founding Principal, land donor families, members of the college Governing Body, parents, teachers, students and all other stakeholders of the college.

Gour Mohan Sachin Mandal Mahavidyalaya established in 1968 located in a rural marginal area with a majority of socio economically deprived student community, perceives education and the process of educating as a total integral contextual process. The college strives towards offering quality and equitable education to many at affordable costs. Inspired by the saying of Einstein, the college is constantly endeavouring towards providing quality conditions of learning at minimal costs to promote holistic development of its students for it believes that there are two forms of education-one which teaches us how to make a living and the other and the most important mantra of how to live. We aspire to be recognized as a pioneering institution that not only imparts high-quality education but also fosters a spirit of empowerment, capacity-building, inclusivity and innovation. Our vision is to see our graduates emerge as leaders, catalysts for positive change, and champions of social equity, shaping a brighter and more equitable future for themselves and the country

The student community of GMSM Mahavidyalaya is its greatest asset. All our endeavours are geared towards securing their greatest well-being and provide them the best opportunities. The college has the lowest fees structure in the district of 24 Parganas(S) as it is sympathetic towards the student community who come from poor disadvantaged sections of the society. In spite of limited means, resource is never a constraint in providing various services to the students. The college rejoices in the diversity of its student community related to class, religion and socio-economic categories and caters them with a balance of equality and efficiency. The teaching-learning is student-centric with a right blend of experiential learning, participative learning, interactive methods and inculcation of Indian value systems and skill training.

To ensure an effective leadership, I try to disseminate within myself and my co-workers principles of self-control, trustworthiness, adaptability and an achievement orientation and initiative. Teamwork leads to the best practices of the institution. The newly introduced ERP for the college will go a long way towards changing the work flow of the college office. The participative principle of the management propels all plans and policies of the college. Our Governing Body President and the MLA of Mandirbazar, Sri Joydeb Halder encourages empowerment through total decentralization of the administrative system promoting co-operation, sharing of knowledge and innovations.

At present the college runs in two shifts – morning and day – to ensure optimal utilisation of physical infrastructure. It offers undergraduate programs in disciplines of Arts, Science and Commerce. It has successfully implemented the NEP with the introduction of four-year Honours programs with research as well as three-year multidisciplinary programs with IDC courses. The college follows the blended mode of education with emphasis on international webinars, online classes etc. To enrich teaching-learning the college has several MOU’s with other colleges and organisations along with institutional membership of reputed libraries. Add-on courses, Value Added courses, Employability Enhancement workshops, Life Skill courses are a regular feature. The college has been running a free Vocational Training Unit successfully from 2006 in Garment Manufacturing, affiliated to West Bengal State Council of Vocational Education and Training. To facilitate higher education and help the drop-outs and late learners, the college has a distance education centre affiliated to Netaji Subhas Open University which offers post graduate programs as well.

In aspects of Gender Ratio, the college has more than 50% of girl students and in this context believes that rural women are the key agents for achieving the transformational economic, environmental and social changes required for sustainable development. Empowering them is a key not only to the well-being of individual families and rural communities but also the overall productivity of a nation. The college, in such a scenario, follows the saying that the fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women. The college Empowers and Educates its girl students and faculty. The college has a Green Campus with provisions for renewable energy, waste management, organic farming, vermicomposting and social forestry.

With two units of NSS and one unit of NCC, the college actively encourages community engagements through adoption of villages, community service, awareness camps and social issues, The college to reaffirm its community engagement has a Post Office and an auxiliary unit of the government Health Centre in its campus.

At Gour Mandal Sachin Mandal Mahavidyalaya, we are happy to receive validation from the NAAC with a B++ Grade in the last accreditation process but our efforts to Innovate, Educate and Elevate continues unabated.

                                                                                                     Dr. Debprasad Mandal

                                                                                                      Teacher in Charge