The idea of skill development is perceived by the college as a means of launching pupils beyond the confines of traditional academic learning. Although traditional education undoubtedly gives students a plethora of information, skill growth equips them with real-world proficiencies and talents that are essential for succeeding in today"s complicated environment.


The college has provisions for skill development of the students and the employees in various aspects-


  • 6-month Certificate Course in Garment Manufacturing affiliated to West Bengal State Council of Vocational Education and Training. Admissions are held twice a year- January and July. The course is completely free with a provision for allowance for buying course materials for the students.
  • Vermi Composting Skill through Add on Course


  • Workshops conducted regularly for enhancement of soft skills, personality development by external experts,
  • Employability Enhancement 30-hour courses conducted by Mahindra Pride for Girl Students.
  • Competitive Job training workshops by George Telegraph, ICA etc
  • Entrepreneurial Skill Training workshops.


  • English Language Laboratory with Orell Software enhances English language Skill
  • Add on Course in Spoken English.
  • Add on Course in Spoken Sanskrit to rein still a love for ancient Indian languages.


  • Add on Course in Yoga
  • Add on Course in Bratachari


  • Add on Course in Taxation and Computerized Accounting
  • Capability Enhancement Skill training in Computer Skills for Non-Teaching Staff.

These courses enhance the following-

1. Employability: Students who have relevant skills are more appealing to employers, providing them an advantage in the employment market.

2.Critical Thinking: The development of skills encourages critical thinking, empowering pupils to assess situations and arrive at wise judgments.

3.Adaptability: In the ever-evolving world of today, flexibility is essential. Students can adapt to new technology and changing sectors with the support of skill development.

4.Confidence Boost: Gaining proficiency in skills gives pupils more self-assurance, which motivates them to approach new difficulties with a positive outlook.

5.Life Skills: Essential life skills like time management, financial literacy, and effective communication are taught through skill advancements.

6.Entrepreneurial Spirit: Fostering abilities may stoke an entrepreneurial spirit and encourage pupils to innovate and create new possibilities.

7. Communication Skills: Effective communication skills are crucial in both personal and professional situations. This calls for the ability to communicate ideas, listen intently, and communicate both orally and in writing.

8. Digital literacy: In today’s digital age, understanding technology and online platforms is essential. Understanding how to use digital tools, being aware of online safety, and responding to quickly evolving technology.



The Skill development initiatives taken by the college are of paramount importance for career advancement. They prepare students for specific skilled trades and careers, equipping them with practical skills and hands-on experience, thus making them career-ready and highly employable.