Education trips, also known as educational tours, field trips, or study tours, are an integral part of the educational experience at GMSM Mahavidyalaya. They provide students with an opportunity to explore and learn about new places, cultures, and ideas outside the classroom. Education trips offer students a unique opportunity to learn through hands-on experience. Students can explore and interact with different environments, cultures, and historical sites, which enables them to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world situations.


Departments of Geography, Botany, Zoology, Environment Science, History, Political Science and Sociology organise field trips, study tours for their students with an aim to give them-


  • Exposure to Different Cultures


Education trips provide students with exposure to diverse cultures and traditions which help them develop empathy and tolerance for people with different backgrounds and experiences. By experiencing different cultures, students can develop a broader worldview, which can be crucial in the global society we live in.


  • Enhancing Social Skills


Education trips provide opportunities for students to interact with peers and adults outside the classroom, which can improve their social skills. Students can learn to communicate and work collaboratively with others, develop leadership skills, and practice problem-solving.


  • Boosting Self-Confidence


Education trips can boost students' self-confidence by challenging them to step outside their comfort zones. For instance, a camping trip can teach students how to live independently, prepare meals, and navigate unfamiliar environments. These experiences can help students develop self-reliance and resilience.


  • Enhancing Academic Performance


Education trips can also enhance academic performance by providing students with a broader understanding of the subject matter. For instance, a trip to a historical site can deepen students' knowledge of history and help them connect with the subject matter. Additionally, education trips can provide teachers with opportunities to deliver information more engagingly and interactively.


  • Enriching the Curriculum


Education trips can enrich the curriculum by providing students with a more diverse and comprehensive learning experience. Education trips can help students connect with the curriculum in a more meaningful way and reinforce the concepts learned in the classroom. Additionally, education trips can provide opportunities for teachers to expand the curriculum and offer students a more extensive range of learning experiences.


The following field trips and study tours have been organised